SAHPRA Planning Documents

The SAHPRA Strategic Plan for the new five-year cycle, 2020 – 2024 and the Annual Performance Plan for the 2020 – 2022 medium-term period, afford SAHPRA a pivotal opportunity to set and pursue clear long-term goals as it evolves into a fully-fledged, well-capacitated entity.


  • Ensure effective financial management, governance and alignment of budget allocation with strategic priorities
  • Achieve and maintain financial sustainability through revenue generated and enhanced operational efficiencies
  • Consistently meet the needs and expectations of all SAHPRA’s stakeholders
  • Achieve and maintain high levels of regulatory operational efficiency and effectiveness delivering to its stakeholders timeous and ensuring safe, efficacious and quality products
  • Strengthened ICT capacity to support digital transformation
  • Create a culture of excellence, while ensuring that SAHPRA’s people are valued
  • Attract and retain superior talent, and
  • Promote the observance and upholding of organisational values and culture to advance business objectives and image/reputation

SAHPRA Stakeholder Engagement Framework

In order to execute its mandate as a health products regulator, the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) will engage with stakeholders on an ongoing basis. The stakeholders are individuals and organisations who have an interest in or are influenced by its work and the work of its partners who are in some way or other connected to SAHPRA’s purpose.


Since its inception, SAHPRA has prioritised the active engagement of its stakeholders, recognising it as a critical activity in achieving its core function of regulating health products in South Africa. As SAHPRA evolves, it will develop and grow its scope of communication and stakeholder engagement.

Planning Documents

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SAHPRA Annual Performance Plan 2023– 202403/05/20231pdfDownloadplanning-documentcorporate
SAHPRA Strategic Plan 2020 and 2021 – 2024 and 202529/06/20221pdfDownloadplanning-documentcorporate
Strategic Framework23/07/20201pdfDownloadplanning-documentcorporate
SAHPRA Annual Performance Plan 2020 – 202125/06/20201pdfDownloadplanning-documentcorporate
SAHPRA Annual Performance Plan 2021 – 202221/10/20211pdfDownloadplanning-documentcorporate
SAHPRA Annual Performance Plan 2022 – 202330/06/20221pdfDownloadplanning-documentcorporate